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Product Engineer

Product Engineer

We're not accepting any more applications for this role right now, but may reopen it again in the future.

About Rally

Rally is a brand-new company, building storytelling tools for teams. Our first product is show and tell for product updates — short-form video stories — now in early access.

We’re working on tools to help teams move past static decks, docs, and video to get better at communication that actually connects with audiences.

We’re funded, fired up, and hiring a core team to bring the product to market. That’s where you come in.

About the role

At Rally, you’ll play a formative role in owning, building, and launching full stack solutions that help teams tell stories.

We’re building creative tools focused around user generated content that will expose you to a wide range of technical domains and challenges.

Your work will become part of the foundation of Rally as we build from our first customers to product-market fit and beyond.

If you were on the team this past year, you would have:

  • Modeled new features in a Postgres database and GraphQL service

  • Built a React application for creating and viewing user generated content

  • Designed event driven pipelines for processing and manipulating media

  • Participated in the shaping process as we refined our ideas into real product features

  • Joined our team offsites in Lisbon, Miami, and Boston — where we dreamed and strategized about the future of our company, spent quality time together, and ate way too much food.

You’ll love this job if you:

  • Love working from nothing — making the tough decisions about which approach to take and running with them

  • Get into deep conversations about tech choices — we love talking through creative ways to solve tough problems.

  • Think in systems — you are able to zoom out and connect the dots, creating something greater than the sum of its parts

  • Want to be in the room where it happens — as a small team, nearly all our discussions about product, marketing, architecture, and design are out in the open and we welcome everyone to participate in every aspect of the company

  • Enjoy working in diverse problem spaces — no two weeks are alike. Might be jumping from database queries to node servers to ffmpeg commands in one afternoon.

  • Enjoy going deep in a variety of technical areas — media processing & manipulation, custom rendering systems, event driven pipelines, AI, and more. We’re building an application around creative user content

Qualities we’re looking for

  • Strong foundation in web technologies (We’re mostly node.js, React, and postgres — but we’re flexible)

  • You’re a craftsperson, energized by creating something new

  • Product focus — you want to be involved at every level to give the best possible user experience. From chatting about button shapes to read replicas.

  • 0-1 ownership — you’ve got gumption

  • Energized by owning big features top-to-bottom

What we offer

  • Competitive salary, benefits, and equity.

  • Work that is challenging, but worth it.

  • A team you’ll want to work with again.

  • A commitment to supporting remote and (mostly) async work. Work from anywhere between Eastern Time (GMT-4) and Central European Time (GMT+1).

  • Regular team offsites. We believe that time spent together in person is critical for building relationships and tumbling rocks as we think about the future.

About the team

We’re a small team, but this isn’t our first rodeo —

You’ll work with a tight-knit engineering team, who have built products at companies like Robin, Brightcove, Openbase, and Gilt. Our designer has built products at Plaid, Asana, and Apple. Our CEO has founded and scaled a B2B SaaS company before.

We’re building a diverse team of craftspeople that compound off each other. Rally is a new product — which means we get to pick our lego bricks and build the right way.

We believe stories can rally teams — so let’s empower some storytellers.

How to apply

Introduce yourself (and your work) by emailing

No recruiters please.