We're making storytelling approachable at work, so teams can communicate and act on big ideas.

If you’re happy with how well people understand your product, you can stop here.

If you’re happy with how well people understand your product, you can stop here.

For everyone else, you're in good company — something feels off in how we talk about products in B2B.

Why we exist

For the past two decades, R&D teams at SaaS companies built process and tools to move faster. These improvements supported continuous deployment and agile development, replacing the old way of shipping big releases a few times per year.

Your company story is out of sync with your product

The way we build products got faster, but most other functions are still using communication methods that were not built for the speed of weekly change. This means that any communication that you put out there is probably outdated within the week. How are you supposed to keep up with that pace of progress?

And how about your customers? They subscribe to your product, which means they also buy into your future progress. Think about what that means. You’re asking customers to pay for your current and future updates, but your tools don’t support you in communicating about what your product does and where it’s going. They are bought in, but the way they get news is often fragmented and buries how much more your product can do for them. It leaves opportunity on the table for both customers and your business — a shame!

Storytelling in B2B could use a reboot

Your story is different when you ship weekly. It's not a single release, and it unfolds over time. You cannot tell a product's story in a single release, but you can tell it one release at a time.

There are bright spots. With Rally, you can be one of the them.

Our Team

Rally is not our first company. Our founders previously started and built Robin for the past decade. Our team is a collection of people who deeply understand product and customer communications. We have firsthand experience both in selling and building B2B SaaS — from monthly SMB to Enterprise. Rally is not our first company, but it is the product we wish we had the first time around.

We are a venture-funded company, backed by the fine folks at Boldstart, Firstmark, and a collection of leaders and entrepreneurs who have seen this problem firsthand.