How to tell customers about your product's story

When you ship something new, are you making it harder for customers to discover? Learn how roadmaps are a great tool for discovering things that already shipped, so you have a stronger product story.

Mar 7, 2024

Mar 7, 2024

Many companies forget to include an important part of their roadmaps — things they already completed.

  • Limiting your roadmap only to the future misses the story and opportunities to highlight new product value.

  • Presenting roadmaps to customers should also include past releases

  • Customers don’t keep up to date with product releases as well as you do

  • Remind them of recent releases over the past six months

  • This also gives you opportunities to show how upcoming work is the latest step in an ongoing effort, versus unfinished + “product gaps” you haven’t started yet.

  • This continuity is important for storytelling, and can help frame broader product value vs having to list things you haven’t done yet, and why you aren’t prioritizing one over the other.

  • Roadmaps show priorities and story, but also serve as a way to plan work. When you connect future work to recent releases, it frames your product evolution and prepares people for how the story will continue.

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